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When you gamble my friend, eventually you'll lose

Fly Better is returning to the desert of Nevada to bring you the Fly Better Open at LVO from January 28th - 30th 2022! This is a premiere X-Wing tournament where you can expect only the best competition from around the United States and even the world! At the last LVO, presented by Frontline Games, we had over 200 players participate in a stellar three day event. We will be having two days of "flights" for the competition on both Friday January 28th & Saturday January 29th.

Below you can find the various sign up links:

Keep in mind you also need a convention pass which is purchasable HERE.

The cost goes into the incredible venue Frontline Gaming has acquired, The Rio Casino, and on our end we're going all out on the prizing....

So... you got your reward and you're just leaving then

Photo by Matt Nute

The tournament format for the Fly Better Open is a graduated cut. All players who go X-1 (where X is the number of rounds decided at a later date based on number of players) will make it to Sunday for the cut. From there a bracket will be made and some of the top performing players may receive byes. More tournament structure information will be released at a later date.

There are two things we want to be clear about:

  1. stalling to exploit a stalemate will not be tolerated.

  2. Players are going to be watched by judges to ensure the game state is moving towards an engagement.

Warning points will be dealt out to players who are not following the above. More specifics will be released at a later date so you can construct your squad accordingly. As always we will be using whatever the current rules and points AMG has released for the tournament.

Photo by Matt Nute

As for prizing, our goal is to encourage players to fight their hardest in every round to win, as well as have a great time.

For every win your rack up you will receive an acrylic token pack!

We aren't ready to reveal specifics on how many tokens and what they look like yet, but rest assured this is a set that you won't want to miss, only available at this tournament. Players in the cut can also chase templates, a game mat, and a trophy!

Let The Past Die. Kill It If You Have To

If you don't make the cut for the standard tournament, worry not, as we are bringing back our popular side format for Sunday the 30th.

The "Fly Better The Last Jedi is the 2nd Best Star Wars Movie Open" format is returning (lovingly referred to as FBTLJIT2BSWMO). All participants will receive acrylic hyperspace markers for this truly unique X-Wing experience. You can sign up for the event HERE, and if you end up making the Sunday cut Frontline can provide you with a refund. The winner of this event will be given a trophy and both the winner and runner up can expect a unique template holder.

We Have Everything We Need

Everyone here at Fly Better is excited to see a return to in person X-Wing. We will do our best to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely. Please keep local health mandates/recommendations in mind before attending. We support vaccination of all participants who are able to keep everyone healthy and safe.

See you in January and Fly Better!


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