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Fly Better Galactic Conquest | How to Play

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

After you read this article, navigate to the current Mission Outline: Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3

Mission 6 (Releases 9/6)

More Missions TBD

Hello X-Wing Pilots and welcome to the Unar Sector! Fly Better Galactic Conquest is an exciting new global narrative X-Wing Miniatures event that will continually evolve based on the games you play! Everything you need to get started is included in this article, so ready your flight suit and prepare to take your first step into a larger world...

What is a Global Narrative Event?

To put it simply, a Global Narrative is a story told through the games played by everyone involved. You get to help shape what occurs in the ever evolving narrative in the battle for the Unar Sector. This alternate-universe story allows our games to have stakes, rewards, and consequences. These are the Mission Ramifications and will be outlined on the right side of the Mission Outline.

After you complete your game, fill out the weekly form (available at the bottom of each mission article) to describe what happened. Which faction won? Were there any fun "narrative moments" you'd like to mention? All of these skirmishes will then be compiled and a winner will be chosen. For example, if more games are won by Rebels in Week 1 then they will gain a unique upgrade and a ship chassis. Conversely the Empire may LOSE one of their squad building options, such as a Black Squadron Ace perishing in the battle.

A few other points:

  • There is no sign up. You can play in any mission you have time for.

  • You do not need to stick with the same faction from week to week. Defectors happen all the time in Star Wars. Feel free to play what you think is most fun from week to week.

  • You may only submit one game form a week. The forms are tied to your email, so please be honest with your outcomes. This is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone and low stress.

Step 1: Build Your Squad With The Unique Builder

We have partnered with Yet Another Squad Builder to provide you with a customized squad builder containing everything that is legal to play in each mission. You may notice quite a few changes to what is available compared to standard play. Pay close attention to what is Unique and what isn't, as well as what slots are available for each pilot. In the game of Galactic Conquest, unique pilots and upgrades ARE NOT SAFE. They could disappear from week to week due to any number of reasons...including death.

When building your squad pay close attention to the Squad Point Limit available in the Mission Outline. Missions will not always be 20 squad points. Missions will not always have the same mission points to victory as squad point limit. Sometimes they will be higher and sometimes they will be lower.

Step 2: Read the Mission Outline

The current Mission Outline (MI) can always be found at the top of this article. Players should ensure they read the entire MI before beginning setup. Each MI uses Standard Scenario play rules as a baseline, available on Atomic Mass Games' website (here). For example, Mission 1 follows the standard scoring/rules for Scramble the Transmissions.

The Golden Rule: When a rule in the Mission Outline conflicts with a rule in the Standard Scenario base, the rule in the Mission Outline takes precedent.

For example. Mission 1 requires the "Planetary Defense Droids" (Satellites) be placed overlapping any obstacle in play instead of the standard Objective Marker deployment. Some Missions also have unique scoring or unique features that differentiate themselves from Standard Scenario play. In Mission 1, players controlling a "Planetary Defense Droids" can fire a homing missile at a target!

Play your games as though the fate of the Unar Sector depends on it. There will be narrative lore at the start of every article to help players understand the urgency of each mission.

Step 3: Report Your Game

Once your game has been completed, the WINNER of the game, should submit the results. The form to fill out will be available in the Mission article for that week (see top of this article for further links). When the winner enters the form they will be asked which faction won (this should be the faction the person filling out the form played).

Afterwards you will be redirected to another page where the YASB links for each player must be input. Narrative choices can then be made. Choose what you feel is best for your faction! These options will change from week to week!

You also have an opportunity to describe any interesting narrative events that occurred. This can have a major impact on the story so be descriptive!

Finally, keep in mind this is a fun event for everyone involved. Fabricating games played or manipulating results is the path to the dark side. Do not ruin the fun for all those involved.

Step 4: Watch the Narrative Unfold!

Each time a new Mission is released, a small piece of written lore will be included so that all pilots understand what happened in the previous mission. Just because you were successful in your part does not mean your squamates were! Continue fighting for supremacy of the sector!

The Sector map will be updated at the start of every mission. The more of the Unar Sector on faction controls, the more resources they will have at their disposal. But worry not, when one faction falls too far behind they may have an opportunity to launch a desperate offensive in order to reclaim large swaths of the sector...

Good luck pilots! If you wish to talk strategy and tactics for Galactic Conquest join us on our Facebook Group or Discord!

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