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Final LVO Fly Better Tournament Rules & Squadbuilder

We are happy to unveil our tournament document for LVO 2022! Please check here for up-to-date documentation: Link

Below is a copy and pasted text of the 12/19/2021 Write up:

Fly Better Championship at Las Vegas Open 2022

Hello X-Wing players! The Fly Better Podcast is pleased to host the X-Wing competition at LVO this coming January 28-30. You can register at this link:


The format of the event will be the standard Atomic Mass Games competitive ruleset. In the event that the details of this format are not published within a suitable time frame prior to LVO, the following conventions will be observed.

  • Deficit Scoring - all unused squad points will be scored for your opponent

  • ROAD - players will randomly determine player order at the end of the Planning Phase

  • Only Ships that have been printed in Second Edition will be legal (What will be known as the BLACK BOX format, please see below squadbuilder for a list of legal ships)

  • The following banned cards are in effect (This Banlist is subject to change based on AMG Guidelines):

  • •Cassian Andor (Crew)

  • Informant (Crew)

  • •Luke Skywalker (Gunner)

  • •• Phlac Arphocc Prototype (Droid Tri Fighter)

  • Sense (Force)

  • •Supreme Leader Snoke (Crew)(Crew)

  • •Vi Moradi (Resistance Transport Pod)

  • Supernatural Reflexes

  • Precognitive Reflexes

  • Static Discharge Vanes

  • Ships that reach the half point threshold cannot regain those points by regenerating or repairing their shields/hull values back over that threshold.

  • When an enemy ship is assigned a Tractor Token they cannot be moved such that they would overlap an obstacle.

Squad Builder

We have teamed up with Stephen Kim and YASB to provide a custom squad builder for the event. Please ensure you are using the Black Box dropdown.


The following obstacle rules will be in effect:

While a ship executes a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an obstacle, it executes its maneuver as normal but suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle:

• Asteroid:

The ship suffers 1 Damage. After executing the maneuver, it rolls one attack die. On a HIT or CRIT result, the ship suffers one damage.

• Debris Cloud: After the Check Difficulty step, the ship gains one stress token. After executing the maneuver, it rolls one attack die. On a HIT or CRIT result, the ship suffers one damage.

• Gas Cloud: The ship removes all lock tokens assigned to it. After the Check Difficulty step, the ship gains one strain token. After executing the maneuver, it rolls one attack die. On a HIT result, the ship gains one ion token. On a CRIT result, the ship gains 3 ion tokens.




Rigged Cargo Chute and Spare Parts Canisters:

• The ship gains 1 stress token. Rolls one attack die. On a HIT or a CRIT result, the ship gains 1 Strain token. Ships may attack when overlapping Rigged Cargo or Spare Parts Canisters.


Please bring 2 printed squad sheets: one to submit to at registration, and another to show your opponents. Include identification of your 3 obstacles.


There will be two heats consisting of 6 Swiss rounds each: one on Friday and the second on Saturday. Scores will not be recorded; only wins and losses. Players will receive prizes consisting of limited edition Fly Better token packs for each and every win. Only 6-win players will amass them all.

Each player who accrues 5 wins or more will advance to the single elimination bracket on Sunday. Players with 6 wins will be seeded higher, and players with identical win totals will employ Strength of Schedule as tiebreaker. Additional limited edition Fly Better prizing will be awarded based on advancement.

We look forward to crowning a new Fly Better Champion, particularly as we were not able to gather in 2021 for competition and camaraderie!


If you have any questions or disagreements with any of your opponents, please do not hesitate to call for a judge. This includes arc/range checks, rules resolutions, pace of play issues, gameplay disruptions, list accuracy, unsporting conduct, etc.

If any player seeks to create and exploit a stalemate, they will be warned and/or penalized. All players are expected to progress the game state, seeking to engage their opponents. If, at the end of a match, no attacks have been conducted, the standard Final Salvo procedure will NOT be observed, and both players will receive a hard warning.


We will also see the return of our community event on Sunday, running concurrently with the championship cut. You may find the rules here:

The standard Atomic Mass Games ruleset will be observed here as well.

A maximum of 6 Swiss rounds will be played to determine the winner. All participants will receive 2 Fly Better acrylic Hyperspace markers, and additional prizes will be awarded including Fly Better loot packs and FFG Regional Dice for the champion (courtesy of Isophane!). If there is a win Total Tie after 6 swiss rounds, the winner will be determined by winning a game of Loopn’ Chewie.

Atomic Mass Games Rules

The structure of the Fly Better Championship @ Las Vegas Open is set. In order to plan out prizing, we are committed to 6 Swiss rounds into a graduated cut.

The specifics of the format are subject to change, as we await official Atomic Mass Games documentation.


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